I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele


Can y’all actually believe a man shot and killed someone and he isn’t in jail yet after nearly a month? Like really let that sink in. A man killed an 18 year old child and he is on paid leave from his job. Really think about that.

It makes me sad that with all the diversity there is in Glee, they just skip over Britanny being bisexual and instead label her as “was a lesbian but starting dating Sam so I guess she’s not a lesbian anymore”

Saving up is so hard when you have rent and bills to pay.

I just wanna save up for a flat with the boyfriend and save up for my peter pn thigh tattoo why is being an adult so difficult

I just cut a good 50 people out of my life that were pretty much ex friends and didn’t give a shit about me and only used me for what they could get.

Honestly I feel like such a big weight has been lifted.